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Summer round-up: Lisson Gallery artists' museum highlights

4 August 2022

Lisson Gallery's New York spaces are now closed for the summer break, while its London and Shanghai exhibitions by Christopher Le Brun, Antonio Calderara and Joanna Pousette-Dart are now in their final weeks. Lisson's artists' work can be still seen across the world throughout the summer in these major solo and group exhibitions.

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Image: Installation view of 'Sean Scully: A Would in A Dance with Love' at MAMbo, Bologna © Sean Scully, courtesy MAMbo. Photography by Ornella de Carlo


John Akomfrah at Utrecht Centraal Museum, Utrecht, Netherlands

Until 11 September

As part of it’s exhibition ‘The Healthy City’, the Centraal Museum screens Akomfrah’s three-channel film Five Murmurations (2021) – a highly contemporary portrait of a worldwide crisis in which the COVID pandemic coincided with the death of George Floyd and events surrounding the Black Lives Matters protests.

Ai Weiwei in 'Forest: Wake this Ground' at the Arnolfini, Bristol, UK

Until 2 October

In this group exhibition exploring the shared cultural significances of the forest across the world, Ai presents his monumental upended ‘roots’, cast from the ancient and endangered Pequi Vinagreiro tree (found in the Bahian rainforest). These cast iron monumental forms reflect both the uprootedness of arboreal species and the displacement of people.

Tony Cragg at the Albertina Museum, Vienna, Austria

Until 6 November

The Albertina turns a spotlight on the work of Tony Cragg for the first time with a selection of 40 sculptures and drawings that trace the development of his sculptural output over time, revealing a progressive shift from figurative to abstract forms.

Tony Cragg at the Reggia di Venaria, Turin, Italy

Until 9 January 2023

This solo exhibition marks Cragg's return to Italy with a presentation of ten sculptures in bronze, wood and steel set within the palace and its grounds, highlighting the aspects of his works that explore complex connections between figure, object and landscape.

Ceal Floyer at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany

Until 15 January 2023

Bringing together new acquisitions by international artists in various media, the exhibition serves as the site of a lively process of interrogation and interpretation, inviting audiences to see how these works are able to constantly produce new readings. Alongside Projection (1997) and Waterfall (2003), Ceal Floyer's Peel (2003) reveals the media-related components of its projection in a humorous explanation to its viewers.

‘Christian Jankowski: I was told to go with the flow’ at Kunsthalle Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany

Until 30 October

Alongside the artist’s film, photography, painting and sculpture, a major new work specially created for this exhibition, I Was Told to Go with the Flow, links the notion of the 'traveling artist' with the growing trend towards self-optimisation in society today.

Anish Kapoor at the Gallerie dell’Accademia and Palazzo Manfrin, Venice

Until 9 October

Kapoor’s dual-site exhibition continues until 9 October, with historical, monumental installations shown alongside new paintings and the Non-object Black series of sculptures using carbon nanotechnology, exhibited for the first time.

Anish Kapoor at Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden, Wuppertal, Germany

Opens 13 August

The Tony Cragg Foundation’s sculpture park hosts a selection of large-scale installations by Kapoor in its Central Exhibiton Hall, including the 2015 walk-in sculpture, Sectional Body preparing for Monadic Singularity.

Haroon Mirza at lille3000, Lille, France

Until 2 October

The artist's ambitious new installation draws on his Lisson Gallery New York exhibition earlier this year, experimenting with the notion that humans might one day be able to encompass a star with a swarm of electric panels in order to exploit and gather its enormous reserves of solar power.

Tatsuo Miyajima at het Noordbrabants Museum, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Until 2 October

A brand new site-specific installation Samsara calls to mind the unending journey of life, surrounding the viewer with hundreds of blinking LED numbers in an array of colours. The installation is accompanied by a short film exploring the artist’s practice and studio.

‘Pedro Reyes: Societry, with a stage for Lina Bo Bardi’ at MARTa Herford, Herford, Germany

Until 14 August

The artist’s first extensive exhibition in Europe bridges the gap between his varied artistic outputs encompassing theatre, political activism and psychology, encouraging active visitor participation.

‘Sean Scully: A Wound in A Dance with Love’ at Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, Italy

Until 9 October

Based on the exhibition 'Sean Scully: Passenger – A Retrospective', shown at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest and later at the Benaki Museum in Athens, the show arrives in Bologna in a renewed form specifically designed for MAMbo, comprising 68 works encompassing oil paintings, acrylics, watercolours, drawings and a monumental sculpture.

Tony Oursler at Photo Élysee, Lausanne, Switzerland

Until 25 September

On the occasion of the opening of the Plateforme10 arts and cultural centre in Lausanne, Photo Elysée inaugurates its LabElysée space with solo presentation by Tony Oursler, comprising three video installations in a presentation themed around testimonies of encounters with UFOs.


Daniel Buren at Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, South Korea

Until 29 January 2023

The International Exchange Exhibition focuses on the specific relationship between artworks and space, welcoming visitors to experience three spaces through 24 artworks including installations, paintings and films. Visitors encounter the large-scale colourful installation Like Child’s Play, as well as the artist’s self-directed 6.5 hour-long documentary.

Laure Prouvost at Longlati Foundation, Shanghai, China

Until 21 August

'Theatergarden and A Be(a)stiary of the Anthropocene' draws on the composition of Chinese classical gardens to present a body of work that portrays the disorientation of life-forms in the face of global climate change, while mapping the precariousness of modern language beyond sociopolitical confines.

North America

Cory Arcangel at FRONT International, Cleveland, OH, USA

Until 2 October

Arcangel has developed an algorithmic composition for the McGaffin Carillon at Cleveland's Church of the Covenant that generates a new piece of music daily. Titled Hail Mary, an automated Twitter bot shares each day’s unique visual score, played by the McGaffin carillonists and free for musicians worldwide.

‘Hugh Hayden: Boogey Men’ at Blaffer Art Museum, Houston, TX, USA

Until 4 September

First shown at the ICA Miami (November 2021 – April 2022), ‘Boogie Men’ brings a suite of monumental new anthropomorphic works that explore our relationship with the natural world and result in dynamic, surreal, and critical responses to personal experience and social and cultural issues.

Carmen Herrera & Bernard Piffaretti at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA

A number of paintings by Herrera are displayed alongside works by Ellsworth Kelly, John McLaughlin and Leon Polk Smith as part of the special installation ‘Carmen Herrera and 'Hard-Edge' Painting’ , while two works by Piffaretti are featured in exhibition ‘The Double: Identity and Difference in Art since 1900’.

Lucy Raven in ‘A Divided Landscape’ at The Momentary, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, AR, USA

Until 25 September

Raven presents her film Demolition of a Wall (Album 2) and a series of shadowgrams in this group exhibition confronting the historical and cultural narratives of the American West.

‘Leon Polk Smith: 1945 - 1962’ at Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA, USA

Until 28 August

This presentation focuses on paintings and works on paper from a period when Smith’s mature style began to flourish – his vocabulary of brilliant colors and simple, minimal forms, challenging some of the most fundamental conventions of painting by dissolving the distinction between foreground and background.

‘Pedro Reyes: Excultura Social’ at MARCO, Monterrey, Mexico

Now in its final weeks, Reyes exhibition at MARCO features examples of his monumental sculpture, as well as participatory elements that centre the public in the creation of the artwork. The show is part of MARCO’s in-depth reappraisal of a generation of Mexican artists whose practices have had a significant impact on younger generations.

South America

Hélio Oiticica’s Magic Square #3 at Banco do Brasil Cultural Center, Brasilia, Brazil

Realised for the first time ever, and only the third of Oitcica’s Magic Squares to be realised, this open-air labyrinth transports art outside of the gallery and museum environment and offers an experience integrated with nature as well as urban life, while turning its spectators into co-creators.

Summer round-up: Lisson Gallery artists' museum highlights
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