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Haroon Mirza unveils ambitious new installation at lille3000

14 May 2022

Opening on 14 May 2022, the 6th edition of lille3000 is titled 'Utopia', and encompasses a programme of exhibitions, events and architectural environments across Lille that focus on the links – and question the hierarchies – between humans and nature.

The 'Novacène' exhibition, presented at Lille's Gare Saint Sauveur, is titled after what scientist James Lovelock has termed Novacene, the era which will succeed the Anthropocene, marked by climatic and environmental upheavals due to human activity. It builds on the overall theme of Utopia through a series of immersive spaces in which visitors are invited to explore new relationships with the living world. Alongside 20 artists and collectives, Haroon Mirza presents an ambitious new work continuing his exploration of the benefits and pitfalls of our technological pursuit of energy. Dyson Sphere experiments with the notion that humans might one day be able to encompass a star with a swarm of electric panels in order to exploit and gather its enormous reserves of solar power.

Dyson Sphere for lille3000 is open from 14 May to 2 October 2022 in Gare Saint Sauveur, Lille, and is proudly supported by Maison Ruinart.

Find further information on 'Novacène' here.

Haroon Mirza unveils ambitious new installation at lille3000
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