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'Sean Scully: A Wound in a Dance with Love' at MAMbo, Bologna, Italy

7 July 2022

Now open at Musei MAMbo in Bologna, 'A Wound in a Dance with Love' is a large retrospective of work by Sean Scully, visible in the Sala delle Ciminiere from 22 June to 9 October.

The exhibition, curated by Lorenzo Balbi with Dublin’s Kerlin Gallery, is based on the show 'Sean Scully: Passenger – A Retrospective', shown at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest from 14 October – 30 May 2021, and later at the Benaki Museum in Athens. It arrives in Bologna in a renewed version specifically designed for the MAMbo and marks Scully's return to the city, twenty-six years on from a solo exhibition at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna, from whom the MAMbo is derived.

A wide knowledge of works by historic and contemporary masters, and a singular sensibility in obtaining visual and emotional suggestions from lived reality, converge in Scully’s art. In Bologna, 68 works encompassing oil paintings, acrylics, watercolors, drawings and a monumental sculpture, aim at highlighting the continuous dialogue between these two essential components, retracing over 50 years of creative experience. From the first figurative experiments in the ‘60s and the minimalist works in the ‘70s, to the current work, 'A Wound in a Dance with Love' documents the most important developments of a practice which is always consistent with its assumptions but is also capable of changing significantly over time, through emotional experiences and existential evolutions, affections and sorrows.

The exhibition continues through 9 October. Find further information via MAMbo.

'Sean Scully: A Wound in a Dance with Love' at MAMbo, Bologna, Italy
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