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Cory Arcangel develops new performance for FRONT 2022

6 July 2022

For the second edition of FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art (16 July – 2 October), Cory Arcangel has developed an algorithmic composition for the McGaffin Carillon at Cleveland's Church of the Covenant that generates a new piece of music daily. An automated Twitter bot will share each day’s unique visual score.

Titled Hail Mary, McGaffin carillonists George Leggiero and Keiran Cantilina, and a cast of local players, will respond to specific numerical counts, emojis, and other unexpected graphic forms by interpreting and performing the piece once, in real time.

The resonance of Arcangel’s artwork is amplified by a network of carillon bells across Ohio and the world that will also be used for these improvised performances. This amalgam of old and new—a closely-linked chain of artistic creation, digital automation, social media, and live human performance across multiple locations and time zones—allows for a loose synchronicity to emerge.

Performances will take place daily at 12pm from 14–17 July at the Alexander McGaffin Memorial Tower and Carillon. Find out more here.

Cory Arcangel develops new performance for FRONT 2022
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