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Marina Abramović: Seven Deaths
London | Marina Abramović: Seven Deaths
Anish Kapoor
London | Anish Kapoor
Hélio Oiticica: HO in Motion
Shanghai | Hélio Oiticica: HO in Motion
Lisson Gallery's presentation at 2021 edition of West Bund Art & Design
Art Fair | West Bund Art & Design
Ted Stamm
East Hampton | Ted Stamm
Stanley Whitney: TwentyTwenty
New York | Stanley Whitney: TwentyTwenty
Olga de Amaral: The Elements
New York | Olga de Amaral: The Elements
Tony Cragg: New Sculptures
Shanghai | Tony Cragg: New Sculptures



Marina Abramovic: Seven Deaths The Leap

For the final week of Marina Abramovic's Seven Deaths, Lisson Gallery screens the second act of the film, in which Dafoe appears deceased and is held aloft in Abramović’s arms, in the manner of the Virgin Mary holding the lifeless body of her son. Staring upwards, the female figure of Tosca, played by Abramović, then ascends to the top of a skyscraper, momentarily composing herself on the precipice before plummeting down in slow motion. As we follow the body on its deadly progress – twisting and swaying while the Callas song comes in wave after wave of crescendo – the ground slowly comes into view again, before the climactic moment of impact with a parked car below and a shower of glass.

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