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Christopher Le Brun: Momentarium
London | Christopher Le Brun: Momentarium
Antonio Calderara: From Lake Orta
London | Antonio Calderara: From Lake Orta
Joanna Pousette-Dart: Small Paintings
Shanghai | Joanna Pousette-Dart: Small Paintings
Pedro Reyes: Pohua
East Hampton | Pedro Reyes: Pohua
Christopher Le Brun 'Momentarium'
Studio | Christopher Le Brun: Momentarium



In the Studio with Christopher Le Brun

In a special filmed interview for Lisson Gallery's Studio page, conducted to coincide with the 2022 exhibition in London entitled Momentarium, Christopher Le Brun discusses his processes, influences and training. Recorded during a single day in the life of his studio practice, Le Brun goes from home to studio to gallery,  There aren’t any reasons for painting. That’s what’s special about it... You suddenly get this compulsion. I think the art that interests me lives in that world. I’m putting art in a particular place where it doesn’t need explanation. It doesn’t need justification. It’s essential that it’s not used for other purposes which will take away from what’s mysterious about it.”

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