Lisson Gallery
Susan Hiller: Rough Seas
New York | Susan Hiller: Rough Seas
Tony Cragg: Riot
New York | Tony Cragg: Riot
Julian Opie: OP.VR@LISSON/London
London | Julian Opie: OP.VR@LISSON/London
Haroon Mirza: |||
London | Haroon Mirza: |||
Peter Joseph: The Window Paintings
Shanghai | Peter Joseph: The Window Paintings
Julian Opie
Beijing | Julian Opie
Dan Graham: Here's Looking at You
New York | Dan Graham
Carmen Herrera, The 1970s: Part 2
Los Angeles | Carmen Herrera, The 1970s: Part 2



Lynne Tillman in conversation with Susan Hiller

On the occasion of her current New York exhibition, Rough Seas (until April 15), this discussion between Susan Hiller and her friend Lynne Tillman harks back to Hiller's last show at Lisson Gallery New York in 2017, entitled Paraconceptual. The talk took place on 29 April 2017 and Tillman has written on this body of work:

‘Susan Hiller, who died on January 28, 2019, focused her exceptional, beautiful mind and mind’s eye on the undocumentable, unknowable, unbelievable, incredible, unfamiliar — uncanny only begins to describe her unique body of great art. She doubted the ways in which people were trained to think and see, the categories by which people understood and interpreted their world. She let the implausible surface and believed in the truths of others’ visions.’  Lynne Tillman, Rough Seas, 2019

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