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Current exhibitions

Sean Scully: PAN
New York, 30 April – 8 June
Spencer Finch: No Ordinary Blue
London, 15 March – 4 May
Channa Horwitz: Rules of the Game
London, 15 March – 4 May
Love is Metaphysical Gravity
Shanghai, 22 March – 18 May
Jason Martin
London, 15 May – 22 June
Anish Kapoor
London, 15 May – 22 June



Spencer Finch Falling Cherry Blossoms

Made from 11 strings of folded Japanese mutsu rice paper, this installation Falling Cherry Blossoms (2019) by Spencer Finch mimics the uneven trajectory of cherry blossom petals as they might fall from a tree. Each strip of folded paper features numerous, repeated watercolour strokes representing a single petal as it tumbles downwards, perhaps guided or directed by a wooden dowel or a gust of wind that has precipitated this blizzard of blossom.

Finch subtly remixed the colour for each petal, based on matching the specific hues from actual cherry blossoms he painted previously, making each one unique. The way the rice paper twists not only approximates the fortuitous paths and whirling eddies experienced by each falling blossom, but the relative transparency of the paper allows a slight bleed and suggests the colour and movement of the petal from both sides of the paper. 

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