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Anish Kapoor
London, 15 May – 22 June
Jason Martin: Long Way Home
London, 15 May – 22 June
Ryan Gander: I see you're making progress
Shanghai, 19 May – 31 August
Sean Scully: PAN
New York, 30 April – 8 June
Painters Reply: Experimental Painting in the 1970s and now
Curated by Alex Glauber & Alex Logsdail
New York, 27 June – 9 August
Afterimage: Dangdai Yishu
Curated by Victor Wang
London, 3 July – 7 Septmeber



Laure Prouvost at the 58th Venice Biennale DEEP SEE BLUE SURROUNDING YOU

Laure Prouvost’s project for the French Pavilion, entitled DEEP SEE BLUE SURROUNDING YOU/ VOIS CE BLEU PROFOND TE FONDRE, is structured around three main themes that provide reference points for the exhibition’s development. First of all, there is a reflection surrounding concepts of generations and identities, what links or distances us from each other: the eldest from the youngest, the neighbour from the stranger. Next comes the idea of disconnection, incomprehension and discrepancy, namely by means of an exploration of language and its appropriation, or misappropriation. Finally, tinged with utopia and surrealism, Laure Prouvost’s project is committed to representing an escapist journey, both tangible and imaginary, towards an ideal elsewhere. The exhibition takes the form of an invitation to melt into a liquid and tentacular universe amongst the different unveiled and shared realities, which intermingle here.

The project challenges the idea of the representation of a fluid and globalised world, made of exchanges, connectivity and discrepancies. In the continuation of her artistic practice, which intertwines representations of desire, oneirism, and a fantasised description of nature, Laure Prouvost particularly focuses on language, word-play and translation. The exhibition echoes the expression of ‘liquid modernity’, coined by the Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman to define a postmodern world governed by immediacy and communication, which erodes the anchored ties between people and bodies by revealing the fragility of a society based on individualism and constant change. Click below to hear Prouvost discuss her project with Frieze's Jennifer Higgie and read more about her Venice film.

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