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'Tony Oursler: Anomalie' at Photo Elysée, Lausanne

19 June 2022

On the occasion of the opening of Plateforme 10, a new centre for arts and culture in Lausanne, Switzerland, Photo Elysée inaugurates the LabElysée space within it's new building with a solo presentation by Tony Oursler, titled 'Anomolous'.

The artist shows three video installations in a presentation themed around testimonies of encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs), to question our relationship to images, their influence, and their reliability in the digital sphere.

Consisting of photographs, documents and videos depicting UFOs, the installations explore the visual constructs of ufology, inviting visitors to take a position on what they see and question the status of the information presented to them. By playing with perception, accentuating details and mixing sources, Oursler disrupts references and creates illusions. Without ever taking a stand on the existence of extraterrestrial life forms, the artist exposes the obvious and the constructed on an equal footing, holding us hostage between myth and demystification.

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Image © Tony Oursler, courtesy Photo Elysée. Photography by Catherine Leutenegger.

'Tony Oursler: Anomalie' at Photo Elysée, Lausanne
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