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Lisson Gallery at Art Basel Miami Beach 2023

20 November 2023

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For the 2023 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach, Lisson Gallery highlights a selection of important historical and new works by its artists. Featuring painting and sculpture by established names including Carmen Herrera, Anish Kapoor, Lee Ufan and Hélio Oiticica, Lisson’s presentation at booth A57 also showcases works by those newer to the gallery’s roster, including Dexter Dalwood, Li Ran, Otobong Nkanga, Jack Pierson and Zhao Gang.

Coinciding with a dual-site presentation across Lisson’s New York spaces (until 16 December), the gallery presents new sculpture and painting by Anish Kapoor. Although the artist has only recently debuted his canvases, Kapoor is a self-proclaimed ‘painter who makes sculptures,’ underlining his extensive relationship with the medium. His paintings do not display a departure from his recognizable void works and mirrored sculptures, but instead an extension of this practice, with works such as Untitled (2021) delving deep into his interest in the object in space and the inner workings of our mind and body.

Hélio Oiticica’s Spatial Relief Amarelo 22 (1959/2002) will also be on view in Miami. Suspended above the booth in a vibrant yellow that the artist felt best resembled “physical, terrestrial light”, the work is part of a series marking a moment in which the ideas explored in Oiticica’s paintings and drawings expanded into physical space. Similarly, Carmen Herrera’s Borealis (1966/2016) stands out as the singular example of a dichromatic work from her Estructuras series. Related to the artist’s panelled Blanco y Verde paintings, its white acrylic and aluminium forms are dissected and bordered with a bold green.

Elsewhere, Riscos en Sombra (1985) by Olga de Amaral explores the effects of color generated by the passage of light across a woven surface of hand-dyed horsehair and wool, while Leon Polk Smith’s Horizontal Stripes (Blue White) (1973) sees Smith’s distinct shaped canvases in a dynamic interplay. The presentation also includes recent painting by Tony Bechara, ahead of the artist's solo exhibition with Lisson Gallery in New York, opening January 11.

Lisson is pleased to show a selection of important historical sculpture and painting by Lee Ufan in Miami, as well as a new work from the ongoing Response series – minimal white canvases defined by singular sweeps of acrylic, which expand on Ufan’s concept of anchoring a work to “the encounter”, a moment in time and space when the brush marks the canvas.

Ryan Gander presents a new work from his ‘Irresistible Force Paradox’ paintings series, which began with the 'action marks’ appropriated from Tintin strip cartoons, depicting a circular self-fulfilling expression of energy. Isolated from their original context, the marks are transposed onto monochrome aluminum sheets coated in high gloss automotive paints matching Porsche car colors – as in Irresistible Force Paradox (Mexico Blue 336) (2023). The action marks and comparable visual gestures are employed by Gander as signs that signify movement, thought, emotions, communication, in an instinctively comprehensible yet non-verbal language that is noted but not read.

The gallery also presents new painting by Dexter Dalwood at Art Basel Miami Beach with New (2023), as well as Allora & Calzadilla’s Aeolian Chart (2023), the seventh in a series of watercolors that takes inspiration from the wind, a force connecting distant people and places from the earliest days of human civilization. Elsewhere is a new woven textile piece by Otobong Nkanga, related to a wider series of tapestries depicting the entanglement of life on land and in oceans. Lisson also shows new, monumental sculpture in red tezontle, volcanic stone and marble by Pedro Reyes in Notlallo (2023); large-scale oil on canvas painting by Zhao Gang; and a new wall-based, illuminated text sculpture by Jack Pierson, following his wide-ranging debut exhibition with Lisson Gallery New York (7 September – 14 October 2023).

Image: Hélio Oiticica, Spatial Relief Amarelo 22, 1959/2002, Acrylic on wood, 127 x 181.6 x 11.4 cm, 50 x 71 1/2 x 4 1/2 in © Hélio Oiticica

Lisson Gallery at Art Basel Miami Beach 2023
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