Lisson Gallery

Lisson Gallery at EXPO Chicago 2019

9 September 2019

Lisson Gallery is pleased to participate at EXPO Chicago in September, 2019. For the fair (Booth 211) the gallery will be presenting works by Antonio Calderara, Roy Colmer, Spencer Finch, Ryan Gander, Hugh Hayden, Carmen Herrera, Channa Horwitz, Bernard Piffaretti, Laure Prouvost, Leon Polk Smith, Ted Stamm and Stanley Whitney.

A highlight of Lisson Gallery's booth includes a selection of bold geometric Carmen Herrera works on paper. Core to Herrera’s practice is a drive for formal simplicity and a striking sense of colour: “My quest”, she says, “is for the simplest of pictorial resolutions”. A master of crisp lines and contrasting chromatic planes, Herrera creates symmetry, asymmetry and an infinite variety of movement, rhythm and spatial tension. The works on paper will be complimented by a freestanding Estructura wherein Herrera's distinctive sharp edges, originally manifested on paper, have now taken a three dimensional form.

Created especially for EXPO Chicago, Pulpit, 2019 by Hugh Hayden takes it's inspiration from Charles White's monumental work Black Pope (Sandwich Board), 1973. Carved from black walnut and dressed in red velvet, the lower half of a human skeleton has stepped down from White's drawing and takes stage atop a preacher's soapbox. In keeping with Hayden's practice, Pulpit appeals to our curiosity, and challenges our perception of familiar objects.

Lisson Gallery New York will open new exhibitions this September by Wael Shawky and Bernard Piffaretti. At EXPO Chicago the gallery will present drawings by Wael Shawky, from The Gulf Project Camp, and a new abstract painting by Bernard Piffaretti, composed using the signature duplication method in which the artist has worked for nearly four decades.

To see more, visit us at EXPO Chicago, 20-22 September.

EXPO Chicago
Navy Pier, Festival Hall
600 E Grand Ave
Chicago IL 60611

Image: Carmen Herrera
Untitled, 2014
Acrylic and pencil on paper Diptych
91.4 x 61cm 36 x 24 in (each)

Lisson Gallery at EXPO Chicago 2019
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