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Stanley Whitney



Stanley Whitney has been exploring the formal possibilities of colour within ever-shifting grids of multi-hued blocks and all-over fields of gestural marks and passages, since the mid-1970s.

His exhibition at Lisson Gallery, New York (September – October 2017) is the first major presentation of his drawings, highlighting important works from 1989 to the present.

Whitney’s works on paper are a critical component of his practice, in which he develops his spatial structure and experiments with the placement of colour. This publication is a facsimile of one of the artist’s sketchbooks.

An intimate look at the artist's working method and process, this is a facsimile of one of Stanley Whitney’s Moleskine Cahier sketchbooks and has never been seen before. The original sketchbook was exhibited in a vitrine within the show.

Publication date: December 2017

ISBN: 9780947830625

Format: Softback

Pages: 120

ISBN: 9780947830625

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