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Three exhibitions to see in New York this weekend – The Art Newspaper

25 February 2021

The first posthumous exhibition devoted to the British artist Peter Joseph, who is best-known for creating harmonious two-colour paintings contrasting rectangles and squares, features a series of works from the 1980s and 1990s that create a sublime, meditative space in the gallery. Joseph died in November last year while preparing for the show, which was slated to include later works demonstrative of his departure from hard-edge abstraction; but this collection of signature works represent the breadth and legacy of his practice. The artist said the pieces were inspired by Classical music and architecture, Renaissance masterworks, and the psychologically impactful work of artists like Marth Rothko and Donald Judd. When asked to describe the painting No.55 Green with Dark Blue Surround (1981)—which is now held in the collection of the Tate in London—he wrote: “There is little space left in the industry of art for exhibiting for a dream or reverie. What you see in my work is perhaps a momentary attempt to establish this place.”

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Three exhibitions to see in New York this weekend – The Art Newspaper
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