Lisson Gallery

Spotlight: Bernard Piffaretti's 'Twin Peaks and Company'

14 April 2021

Bernard Piffaretti's first exhibition at Lisson Gallery's Shanghai space, 'Twin Peaks and Company', highlights the role of cinema, and in particular the visionary filmmakers David Lynch and Orson Welles, in the creation of Piffaretti’s ‘moving image’ style of painting, and the connections between their bodies of work.

Piffaretti began developing his painting method in the 1970s, settling on what he terms the "central mark" as a key compositional device in 1986. This narrated walkthrough delves into key influences on Piffaretti's new, dynamic series of paintings from both filmmakers' bodies of work, including Welles's 1947 film 'The Lady from Shanghai', in which the finale features a unique, climactic shootout in a hall of mirrors, and Piffaretti's recurrent use of the 'peak' motif.

'Twin Peaks and Company' continues through 29 May.

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