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Hugh Hayden's 'American Food' featured in Wallpaper* magazine

31 March 2020

Read an excerpt from Hugh Hayden's interview with Wallpaper* magazine around his current exhibition 'American Food' at Lisson Gallery in London. Whilst the gallery's physical spaces are closed, Wallpaper* takes a virtual tour of Hayden's show and explores the culinary infuence behind his recent installations:

Hugh Hayden has a lot to offer the new decade. A few weeks after the opening of his solo exhibition ‘Creation Myths’ in New Jersey, the Texas-born and New York-based artist has unveiled another new show, capturing the symbolism of cooking and communal eating in America.

Held in London’s Lisson Gallery, ‘American Food’ comprises a range of culinary-themed installations, which invite visitors to ‘develop a consciousness of their environment’ while challenging their perceptions of contemporary society. These themes are laid out in the first installation, a multimedia ‘stove’ with speakers in place of hobs, playing a recording of Hayden cooking and eating bacon, a fundamental ingredient of Southern food. The soundtrack offers both an intimate culinary moment with the artist, and an evocative backdrop to Hayden’s exploration of Southern culture and its spread across America.

Read the full piece at

Hugh Hayden's 'American Food' featured in Wallpaper* magazine
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