Lisson Gallery

Pedro Reyes: Pohua

East Hampton, 28 July – 14 August 2022

Pedro Reyes: Pohua

Lisson Gallery presents a selection of recent sculptures and works on paper by Pedro Reyes for the artist’s first exhibition in East Hampton. The titles of the stone carvings in the exhibition, Cë, Öme, Ëyi, Nähui and Mäcuïli are Nahuatl names for the numbers one, two, three, four. Pohua means to count in the ancient language of the Valley of Mexico. The five sculptures and four drawings on card continue the artist’s exploration of both modern and ancient sources.

The sculptures in the exhibition are carved directly in a special kind of brown Tezontle stone that goes by the popular name of Meteorite because of its strange metal-like appearance. A recurring material for the artist, the volcanic stone has had an integral role in the shaping of Mexico’s landscape. Within the anthropomorphic statues is a paradox between their modest scale and the monumental feeling they convey. By carving directly into stone Reyes offers a modern vocabulary to sources from ancient art.

The son of a professor who taught advanced engineering drawing, Reyes received informal training from a young age in the technical process of rendering three-dimensional objects. The fluid movement between the creation of drawing and sculpture has long been an essential part of his practice. The works on card highlight the connection between drawing and sculpture that informs Reyes’ work.

Major exhibitions of Pedro Reyes’ work are currently on view at MARTa Herford in Herford, Germany and MARCO in Monterrey, Mexico.

Lisson Gallery’s East Hampton space continues its focused format featuring both influential, historical artworks and debuting new bodies of work in an experimental, intimate setting. Following Pedro Reyes’ exhibition, the gallery will present selections of recent works by Shirazeh Houshiary and archival work by Peter Joseph. The gallery is open to the public each Thursday through Saturday, from 11am to 4pm, Sundays from 11 – 4pm and Wednesdays by appointment.

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