Lisson Gallery



Kevin David
Operations Director

Catherine Hibbert
Head of Registration & Client Services

Susan McGuire
Senior Exhibitions Registrar

Ed Howat
Exhibitions & Inventory Registrar

Taylor Franklin
Exhibitions Registrar, New York

Clare Fuller
Client Services Registrar

Joe Rynkiewicz
Client Services Registrar, New York

Matt O'dell
Archive and Acquisition Manager

Eleanor Cherry
Assistant Archivist

Andrew Price
Assistant Archivist

Frankie Wray
Technical & Photography Coordinator

George Darrell
Gallery Photographer

Mark Waldhauser
Photographer and Image Processor, New York

Charlotte Parmley
Image Librarian

Chris Hammond
Head of Technical & Production

Andrew Ekins
Senior Technician

Jamie Partridge
Senior Technician

Will Potter
Senior Technician

Paul Good

Scott Utting
3d / AR Visualiser

Tarik El Fassi
Building Maintenance Technician

Jim Mattei
Head Technician, New York

Neil Porter
Technical Manager, New York

Fred Coldwell
Senior Technician, New York

Alex Sheeder
Technician, New York

Matt Spillane
Technician, New York

The gallery does not accept unsolicited artist submissions. Submissions sent to the gallery will not be returned.

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