Lisson Gallery

This work was included in Christian Jankowski's second solo exhibition at Lisson Gallery, 'The Frankenstein Set' in 2006. For the work, Jankowski interviewed 12 participants at a horror movie convention, asking them what their ultimate revenge fantasy would be. His participants scribbled down, filmed and photographed their answers, resulting in the exhibition. Writing a review for the work in Art Review, 2006, Martin Herbert described Jankowski as "performing the idea of artist as parasite, glooming into mainstream culture and accruing cultural capital on the fly."

Massimiliano Gioni, writing on Jankowski in 'Strictly Confidential' for Basel, 2003, declared him to be an imposter. "Believe me, I have seen Mr Jankowski fighting against this accusation many times. His defence always evolves around the idea of complicity. 'I didn't do it myself' I saw him shouting. 'It's a collaboration.' But look at his accomplices, please observe them carefully: magicians, tarot readers and actors. Would you ever trust these people? Just like Mr Jankowski, his collaborations try to adjust reality with the poor means at their disposal. It's a delirious experience made of cheap tricks and short-lived illusions [...] He is desperately living out the dream of an adventurous existence that could erase the boredom of daily routine. Faced with the mediocrity of our own universe, Mr Jankowski is trying to build a world of fantasy." — Massimiliano Gioni, 'Strictly Confidential', Christian Jankowski, Dramensatz, Museum für Gegenwartskunst Basel, 2003 

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