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OJAS/Lisson Artbook Shelf Speaker Kit - Spiral Cut Oak OJAS/Lisson Artbook Shelf Speaker Kit - Spiral Cut Oak OJAS/Lisson Artbook Shelf Speaker Kit - Spiral Cut Oak OJAS/Lisson Artbook Shelf Speaker Kit - Spiral Cut Oak

OJAS/Lisson Artbook Shelf Speaker Kit - Spiral Cut Oak

£1800 + VAT


To coincide with his show at Lisson Gallery in London, HiFi Listening Room Dream No. 1 and other works, Devon Turnbull is releasing a series of his Artbook Shelf Speaker Kits.

These kits include alI hardware, components and are flat-packed in unfinished wood. The instructions for building the cabinets and a list of tools needed for construction can be found below. 

*Price is for one pair (two speakers)
**This item is only available for sale in the UK and ships only within the UK. 

Ojas Bookshelf Speaker with JBL 328c 8" Coaxial Unit
Passive speakers. Recommended amp power 3 - 100 watts
16" h x 14" w x 12.5" d
Frequency Response*: about 50 Hz - about 18 kHz
Sensitivity: 98 dB
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms (minimum 6 ohms)
Recommended Power: 3-100 watts

Required Tools:

Electric screwdriver, drill or universal screwdriver handle (not included)
5/16” wrench or compatible adjustable wrench (not included)
Lamelo 4mm ball head hex driver (included)
Wood Glue (not included)
Hammer or mallet (not included)
Lint free rag (piece of old tee shirt)

"Ever since my 200 pound, refrigerator size, speakers started showing up in public and in the press I've heard the same thing over and over: 'Why can't you just make some bookshelf speakers that fit in my apartment?'

Of course, it doesn't take a wizard to make a bookshelf speaker and I am constantly experimenting with smaller designs. But I couldn't find a package that I felt really represented what I am after: wide range, present sound with great speed and Iife-like dynamics. I've finally found my solution, and it's an unusual one, so I'd like to give you some context to how I arrived here:

In the early 2000s I was working in Tokyo, where Nom de Guerre had a development studio. I would frequently make the rounds in Akihabara, the Mecca of Japanese 'audio maniacs.' Hino Audio, one of my favorite places to get fresh inspiration, had 4-5 different storefronts on one street. I happened to hear them demoing a very beautiful sounding 12" coaxial driver. The speaker was obviously a new production unit, but had a lot of the attributes of the vintage gear that I'm drawn to and inspired by. I asked what it was and it was the JBL Professional 322c, a 12"ceiIing speaker that's usually installed in large high quality commercial projects Iike airports, theaters, etc. The driver is beautifully built and has a classic JBL sound, but it's mostly unknown in the HiFi world because it's not marketed for this purpose.

On a whim I ordered the 328c, the 8" Iittle brother of the 322c. It didn't take long to realize that this was my solution for a smalI speaker. It has really great transparency and imaging. Wide range enough to stand alone as a 2 way, or play above a sub for the bass heads."

– Devon Turnbull
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