Lisson Gallery

Watch now: behind the scenes with Tatsuo Miyajima

8 January 2019

Ahead of his solo exhibition, ‘Innumerable Life / Buddha’, which opens Friday 11 January at Lisson’s 10th Avenue, New York space, videographer Laura Bushell visited Tatsuo Miyajima’s studio for a behind the scenes look at his most recent works.

The five new works featured in the exhibition are red steel panels, covered by intricate networks of LED lights, each displaying a number that counts down from nine to one. These ‘gadgets’, as Miyajima calls them, represent the various stages of life as outlined in Buddhism. The gridded clusters of gadgets on each panel refer to the Lotus Sutra text on which many sects of Buddhism are based, which suggests that the power of Buddhism belongs to everyone equally, yet the collective whole is stronger than any one of its constituent parts.

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