Lisson Gallery

Watch now: Daniel Buren discusses new exhibition at Lisson Gallery London

21 September 2017

Daniel Buren discusses his exhibition 'PILE UP: High Reliefs. Situated Works' at Lisson Gallery London (22 September – 17 November 2017).

Daniel Buren has pursued an uncompromising site-specific style since the 1960s, choosing to make work in situ and in response to a particular location. While his ubiquitous 8.7cm wide vertical stripe, used as a ‘visual tool’ to prompt a reading of the work’s surroundings rather than just the work itself, remains a recognisable and intrinsic element of Buren’s practice, his more recent works are notable for developments in terms of architecture and form. This video highlights the complex process behind the artist's practice in the context of his latest exhibition.
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