Lisson Gallery

Watch now: Carmen Herrera 'Painting in Process' at Lisson Gallery New York

8 October 2020

"Carmen Herrera first studied architecture at Universidad de La Habana in Cuba from 1938 to 1939. While short, it proved pivotal, and she often credits this training as where she learned to draw and to think abstractly, qualities present in her understanding of the discipline that are key to comprehending her work.

As such, this period of time, so early in her formative years, marks an important moment not only in her thinking, but in the process of identifying the means of her decision making. It also informed the ways in which she determines the structure, color and composition of her hard edge paintings, towards the line of rigorous, intellectual and practical investigation which she has pursued throughout her career." –– an excerpt from Nigel Prince's essay Carmen Herrera: Of Process

Nigel Prince (Director, Artes Mundi, UK) reads an excerpt from his essay Carmen Herrera: Of Process to accompany video footage of the exhibition Carmen Herrera: Painting in Process which continues at Lisson Gallery New York through 17 October.

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