Lisson Gallery

Tony Oursler's first video presented alongside most recent film in Barcelona

25 May 2017

This exhibition brings together two of Tony Oursler's most significant works, produced 32 years apart.

L7-L5 (1984) was his first video installation, which created an immersive environment and combined sculpture painting, theater and video. The installation represents a nocturnal atmosphere of a city that seems to receive transmissions and visits of aliens, and for it Oursler composed a series of hybrid devices that integrate monitors and projections in objects and constructions.

Imponderable (2015), is Oursler's latest 5D production, an immersive feature-length film inspired by the artist's own archive of ephemera relating to stage magic, spirit photography, pseudoscience, telekinesis, and other manifestations of the paranormal. Imponderable premiered at The Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2016.

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Tony oursler
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