Lisson Gallery

Tony Oursler at Lisson Gallery in East Hampton

5 October 2020

For the latest exhibition in East Hampton, Lisson Gallery is pleased to present work by New York based artist Tony Oursler. Oursler has been a pioneer of new media art since the 1980s, and his recent work has delved into the now ubiquitous societal feature of facial recognition and artificial intelligence. By investigating how easily one’s features are captured on camera, and then linked to vast amounts of data beyond the public eye, Oursler keenly considers the evolution of the relationship between man and machine.

Oursler further questions how humans relate to and understand the technology in our lives in the works on view. In +25^N (2019) an eye and the mouth are depicted on video screens, changing color and form, while the entire head is superimposed with selections of biometric mapping data used to identify and index the human face. These modern-age abstract representations not only question traditional notions of portraiture in art, but ask the viewer to confront how scientific categorization can distill all that makes human beings unique, and what individual identity means in the increasingly digital landscape of our every day.

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Tony Oursler at Lisson Gallery in East Hampton
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