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The weird conceptual universe of the artist Laure Prouvost - Financial Times

4 May 2019

Laure Prouvost would like you to imagine that this interview is taking place on horseback. She suggests how I might begin: “ ‘Here we are, doing this article on two horses galloping towards Venice . . . While we were galloping, I asked some questions.’ ”

Prouvost is, metaphorically, on her way to Venice; the Turner Prize-winning artist is representing France at the 2019 Biennale, with her project “Deep See Blue Surrounding You”, a video and installation work in which “liquid modernity” is represented through the tentacular body of an octopus. We are, of course, not on horseback but in Antwerp, where Prouvost lives and where she is currently showing Am-Big-You-Us Legsicon — her largest solo exhibition to date — at the nearby Museum of Modern Art (M KHA). The 41-year-old artist has spent the morning posing for theatrical masked photos inside the exhibition space. Now she is perched cross-legged in her studio, dressed in the blousy shirt and black shorts of a Victorian pageboy, and it’s clear that the performance isn’t over.

Click here to read the full article by Harriet Fitch Little in the Financial Times.

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The weird conceptual universe of the artist Laure Prouvost - Financial Times
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