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The Polygon in Vancouver presents exhibition of work by Susan Hiller

19 May 2018

Susan Hiller: Altered States opens 24 May at The Polygon Gallery in Vancouver, Canada.

One of the most influential artists of her generation, Susan Hiller has been an innovator for nearly five decades. Comprising landmark video installations and photographs, Altered States focuses on Hiller’s investigations into dream states, the inexplicable and our collective unconscious.

Involving extensive research, Hiller assembles audio and visual artefacts from diverse cultural source material to map popular beliefs. The exhibition includes PSI Girls, movie footage of adolescent girls performing telekinetic feats; Resounding (Infrared), hypnotic visual and audio recordings of mysterious phenomena; and installations centered around automatic writing. The works in Altered States reflect on how technology and language mediate our perceptions of the world.

Hiller will join Helga Pakasaar, the exhibition's curator for a conversation on Wednesday 23 May at 7pm.

For more information, visit The Polygon's website.

The Polygon in Vancouver presents exhibition of work by Susan Hiller
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