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Sean Scully exhibition to open at Forum Paracelsus, St Moritz

23 January 2020

Sean Scully's Aeternum will open in February at the Forum Paracelsus in St Moritz. The presentation focuses on paintings and pastels that show Scully engaging with classicism through the lens of abstraction. It will be the artist’s first solo show in Switzerland in nearly a decade – following his retrospective Grey Wolf at Kunstmuseum Bern in 2012.

Curated by Oscar Humphries, the exhibition is centered around Sean Scully’s monumental Doric paintings, a series he has produced since 2008. The title references one of the three orders of ancient Greek architecture, the least ornate Doric order, and the paintings were conceived as a celebration of the contribution of classic Greek culture to humanity. Scully is intensely interested in the ancient world – and the work included in this exhibition whilst wholly contemporary – is rooted in the symmetry and order of Greek and Roman architecture. Formerly thermal baths, the Forum Paracelsus is a neo-classical building which dates from the 18th century, and the site dates back to 1400 BC, making it a fitting venue for these works.

The exhibition will open 13 February, and continues through 10 March 2020.

Sean Scully, Wall 30.6.16, 2016 (Detail)
Oil on copper
71.1 x 71.1 cm, 28 x 28 in
Sean Scully exhibition to open at Forum Paracelsus, St Moritz
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