Lisson Gallery

Yorkshire Sculpture International Sculpture Talk: Laure Prouvost

22 October 2020

The second in Yorkshire Sculpture International's series of online international artist talks presents a conversation with Laure Prouvost. In this online talk, Prouvost explores her approach to installations as living works, with sculptural elements and films that function in 3-D, invoking the viewer’s senses of taste and touch. She invites you to take some time to “Dit Learn” (using the French for 'speak', thus pronounced ‘de-learn’ in English) and relearn with her by exploring her current exhibition at Lisson Gallery, London.

Laure Prouvost (b.1967, Lieumeconu, France) lives and works. Here a long list of museums and institutions. A line, interesting things, a comma, a line, a list of residencies and prizes. A Selection of solo projects including: a Deep See Blue Surrounding You in Venice, a Waiting Room with objects in Minneapolis, a New Museum for Grand dad in Milano, A tearoom for grand ma in Derry, a karaoke room in Brussels, a Prize for Turner, new octopus ink vodka bar for Gregor in Rotterdam, A travel agency for an Uncle in Frankfurt, a lobby for love among the artists in the Hague and Luzern… tea bags, and wet floors and clementines.

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