Lisson Gallery

Laure Prouvost: Re-dit-en-un-in-learning CENTER

London, 6 October – 4 November 2020

Laure Prouvost: Re-dit-en-un-in-learning CENTER

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A NEEDED ACTION IN UNCERTAIN TIMES. The gallery has stopped its regular programming to focus on the future of re-learning/un-learning for the care and pleasure of the new world that awaits ... you will be invited to become something else, a piece of wood, a goat. Your mother might be waiting for you. With intimate slow movements, you can newly re-invent your language and recognise memories, textures and smells. This RE-CENTER-ING will require your whole body to read video, feel listening and touch our stories. See a show through your feet. After your first treatment we will lead through pictures and trees for meaning and remembrances. And finally, we will come together on the first floor of the center, where moving images will ask you to participate in a final examination and prepare you to interpret reality anew.

For Laure Prouvost’s first solo exhibition in London since joining Lisson in 2017, the artist has repurposed the gallery spaces at 67 Lisson Street as an educational environment of sorts, offering willing visitors the opportunity to de-learn or un-learn what they have forgotten they already know, and to newly acquire – or re-learn – a language of her own devising. After navigating a bureaucratic entry point, consisting of the now familiar rituals of distanced movement, attendees will undergo a session of indoctrination in a mock-pedagogical, health-focused institutional setting, through both traditional visual modes of communication such as video, audio and text, as well as through corporeal and tactile experiences.

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67 Lisson Street

Opening Times:
Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00am – 6:00pm

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