Lisson Gallery

Rodney Graham Interview in The Quietus

21 October 2018

Confessions Of A Window Cleaner: Rodney Graham Interviewed

Rodney Graham's current show Central Questions of Philosophy at Lisson Gallery, London, finds the Canadian artist inhabiting a variety of characters, both on and off the canvas. Allan Gardner joins him to talk post-punk, studio practice, and conceptualism. The exhibition (open until November third) explores the nature of the artist as a creator, performer and as a sort of culture-sponge. An envoy for ephemeral ideas, artefacts or symbols that filter down through communication – eventually becoming ubiquitous in our language and collective imaginations.

Click here to read the full article and interview at The Quietus.

Image: Rodney Graham, Vacuuming the Gallery 1949, 2018
Rodney Graham Interview in The Quietus
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