Lisson Gallery

Richard Long's 'FROM A ROLLING STONE TO NOW' in Virtual Reality

26 March 2020

Whilst Lisson's physical gallery spaces are closed, Richard Long's current exhibition 'FROM A ROLLING STONE TO NOW' is available to experience in virtual reality through the GalleriesNow 360 degree views. Click through to explore the exhibition.

For his first exhibition at Lisson Gallery in New York, Long presents a selection of works which illustrate the four key facets of his practice — sculpture, photography, text work and mud works — and their symbolic significance. Renowned for his travels and ability to transform a journey into a work of art, Long has been a seminal figure in conceptual art since the 1960s. This exhibition highlights the enduring themes of his work, including time and space, while referencing the importance of his roots in the West of England.

Central to the exhibition and mapping the length of the gallery is a grey slate line, sourced from quarries in Virginia. For Long, the line signifies both a journey that joins two points, marks a beginning and an end, and as he often describes is “one of the easiest thing to make along a wilderness walk”. This geometric form of a line is thus symbolic, and also in the use of this raw matter, a material he often returns to in his work, there is an overt and direct relationship to the land. The imposing size is a reminder of nature’s power and strength, bringing an intense physicality to the white gallery space. Long has said, “My inside and outside sculptures are made in the same spirit. The urban and rural worlds are mutually dependent, and they have equal significance in my work.”

All of Lisson's current exhibitions in London and New York can be experienced in 360 VR via GalleriesNow.

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