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Richard Long Interview in The Brooklyn Rail

4 May 2020

Every walk is a different idea, a different experience, and a different memory

An interview between Richard Long and Robert C. Morgan recently appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, following his exhibitions at Lisson Gallery and Sperone Westwater in New York. Mud, rocks, stones, wall texts, wood, and photographs were discretely present throughout the exhibitions. Each material revealed its own structural idea that ultimately related to the artist’s ongoing walks in wilderness areas removed from urban congestion.

In the interview, Richard Long discusses his use of natural materials, his early interest in avant garde composer John Cage, and the role of photography in his work – "Photographs are important because they are the means to bring the images of my remote sculptures into the public domain. I want to show you what I have done. Often a work could disappear, or not be seen by anyone else. So, the photo records and also becomes art in a different, independent way."

Visit The Brooklyn Rail to read the interview in full.

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Richard Long Interview in The Brooklyn Rail
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