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Spotlight Screenings continue with FRESHBUZZ ( by Cory Arcangel

13 April 2020

Cory Arcangel's FRESHBUZZ ( (2013) is the latest in our Spotlight Screenings programme of artist-made film and video, presenting exclusive and full-length single-channel films. This week, Arcangel's mesmeric portrayal of an all-American brand through its web presence (circa 2013) is preserved in forensic detail through every hyperlink, GIF and digital breadcrumb. By deep-diving into the corporate videos and franchise opportunities, Arcangel creates something between fan-fiction and critique, a knowing but ultimately sympathetic ode to the joys of endless internet surfing through the miasma of hyperspace.

FRESHBUZZ ( is available to watch until Monday 20 April. Click through and select fullscreen to watch the full film here.

Cory Arcangel, FRESHBUZZ ( (2013-2014), Single-channel video. Photo Arcangel Studio.
Spotlight Screenings continue with FRESHBUZZ ( by Cory Arcangel
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