Lisson Gallery

Spencer Finch

Spencer Finch
Falling Cherry Blossoms

When installed on the wall, Finch is careful to drape the drawings in divergent and crossing patterns, again to recreate the gust of wind that blew these objects to the ground, as well as to evoke the sensations of zig-zagging or toing-and-froing that he has recorded in similar flurries in real life. Although the paper has its own weight, texture and shadow, it can also disappear against the white wall to allow the delicate pink colour to be foregrounded as the support fades into the wider space. 

Finch’s Falling Cherry Blossoms (2019) displays the delicacy and depth of the artist’s investigations into natural phenomena and first appeared in the second room of his exhibition, 'No Ordinary Blue', under the theme of gravity, where Finch presents other works from his Falling Leaves series, tracing the paths of leaves and matching their colours. While these works embody Finch’s scientific methodology, patiently and systematically investigating these phenomena, they also remind us of the romance of Finch’s practice; Finch’s devotion to the documentation of his surroundings reflects a deep appreciation. Enquire more about this work here.

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