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Laure Prouvost

Laure Prouvost
How to Make Money Religiously

How to Make Money Religiously (2014) is a conceptual 'memory game': two versions of the same film are presented sequentially in a loop, creating a moment of déjà vu. Centring on the problems as well as the possibilities of memory and forgetting, the piece addresses the arbitrary distinctions that can be ascribed to power and possession. Prouvost expands her multilayered investigation of the slippages between systems of communication as well as marketing, and conjures diverse interpretations dependent on how one perceives or remembers the story, while considering consumption, desire and the persuasive syntax of Internet scams. Prouvost said of this work: "It started from spam e-mail: your long-lost uncle from Nigeria has this house and doesn’t know what to do with it. I started singing the spam while wearing masks or painting my face. Everything was a bit surreal, with ridiculous lines about money-making. Then I came to New York and I saw that it was all business, and I said 'Let’s bring together money and religion.'" 

Laure Prouvost is exhibiting this work and an installation at Art Basel Miami Beach's new Meridians section, curated by Magalí Arriola from 5-8 December. 

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