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Help save Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage

25 March 2020

In 1967, Nicholas Logsdail was encouraged to open the Lisson Gallery by his friend and fellow Slade School of Fine Art student, Derek Jarman. As Nicholas recalls: “To get it finished I was helped by five friends from the Slade – including Derek, who was a few years older and had much better contacts than any of us. Before opening our first show, Derek and I were among those selected for the inaugural ’Young Contemporaries’ to be hosted at the Tate Gallery. I felt like a real artist, showing in the Duveen Galleries no less!

Within its inaugural year, Jarman showed twice at Lisson alongside a number of young artists including Dom Sylvester Houédard, who became a close friend and collaborator, working on film scripts, sculptures and object poems with Jarman over the years.

In 1986, Jarman purchased Prospect Cottage - a fisherman's house in Dungeness, Kent which quickly became a source of inspiration and a creative hub where his parallel artistic practices and collaborators came together. Today it represents the most complete distillation of his pioneering creativity across film, art, writing and gardening. Now at risk of being privately sold, its contents dispersed, and artistic legacy lost, ArtFund together with Creative Folkstone and Tate aims to Save Prospect Cottage and continue the legacy of Derek Jarman for future generations.

Please join Lisson in pledging support to preserve the legacy of this great project and artist by donating here before 31 March 2020.

Help save Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage
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