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Haroon Mirza discusses his solo exhibition 'Waves & Forms'

12 August 2020

The latest instalment of Lisson Studio explores Haroon Mirza's survey exhibition 'Waves and Forms' through the reconfigured digital iterations of the artist's immersive installations. Following its presentation at Southampton's John Hansard Gallery (October 2019 – January 2020), the touring exhibition was due to be shown at Aberdeen Art Gallery this March, but was eventually cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. With no physical show to document, Mirza began 'translating' a number of the works into new versions to be experienced digitally.

Through immersive sensorial environments, video and performance, Mirza’s manipulated compositions test the interplay and friction between sound and light waves and electric current, purposely leaving their processes and materials exposed. Here, Haroon Mirza and Lisson's Ossian Ward discuss the process behind these now reconfigured works, the collaborative nature of Mirza's projects and research, and the various subjects currently influencing them, from astronomy to AR.

View the Studio page here.

Find further information via Aberdeen Art Gallery.

Haroon Mirza discusses his solo exhibition 'Waves & Forms'
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