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Garrett Bradley's 2020 documentary Time wins a Peabody Award

23 June 2021

Filmmaker Garret Bradley's feature-length documentary examining the effects of incarceration on a family has received a George Foster Peabody Award in the 2021 winners announcements. The Peabody Awards honors excellence in storytelling through television, podcasts, radio and digital media, that reflects the social issues and emerging voices of our day.

Time is a remarkable story of love and the impact of incarceration, detailed through the multiple, often elusive registers of time—slow time, long time, happy time, missed time, hopeful time, and arrested time. In this brilliantly conceived, beautifully realized, and brutally honest chronicle, we travel with Fox Rich and her family toward her husband’s release and their collective freedom.

Through the personal journeys the film documents, we experience penal time—waiting for release and the anticipation of arrivals and departures registered in endless visits, letters, and calls; the frustrating time of dealing with institutions including the parole board; but also movement time engendered in social action with people organizing and advocating for incarcerated persons and their families; and finally, the joyous times of release, celebration, and togetherness.

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Garrett Bradley's 2020 documentary Time wins a Peabody Award
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