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Firstsite in Colchester, UK, opens 'BACK OFF' survey exhibition of work by Cory Arcangel

1 May 2019

Firstsite Gallery in Colchester, UK, opens a survey exhibition on the work of Cory Arcangel on Saturday 4 May. Drawing on Colchester’s history and identity as a garrison town, the exhibition entitled ‘BACK OFF’ explores thoughts on violence, aggression and surveillance through the means of retro gaming, military technology and fashion. Though Arcangel’s work often takes influence from the short term memory of contemporary Western pop culture, the works in this exhibition highlight technologies that were originally developed for military use - such as lasers and the Internet - but were quickly instituted as conventions of mainstream culture.

Featuring drawing, photography, lorry lights, laser animation, a drum machine, and a baby monitor, as well as a new series of ‘Pants’ prints on Ikea table tops made specifically for Firstsite, Arcangel’s reconfigured works subvert the original uses of consumer technologies and fashion and question their pervasiveness and longevity. ‘BACK OFF’ is on view until 7 July.

Also opening at Firstsite is a presentation of nine paintings by late British-born artist Roy Colmer, ‘An Optical Haze of Colour’, that sees his 1970s experiments in video feedback and television delay reproduced in paint.

Image: Cory Arcangel, MIG 29 Soviet Fighter Plane and Clouds, 2005,
Two hacked Nintendo Entertainment System game cartridges, two Nintendo Entertainment System game consoles, artist software, variable multi-channel presentation © Cory Arcangel
Firstsite in Colchester, UK, opens 'BACK OFF' survey exhibition of work by Cory Arcangel
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