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Dual presentation of works by Christopher Le Brun and Su Xinping opens at MoCAUP, Shenzhen

9 August 2021

'Transcendence and Rén Jiān: Christopher Le Brun & Su Xinping' is on view now until 19 September 2021 in the exhibition hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art & Urban Planning (MoCAUP), Shenzhen, China. Exploring the ideological developments of the two artists’ works in the past decades, this exhibition reveals their different understandings, experiences, and applications of art in correspondence with their respective contemporary narratives, and aims to initiate a conversation around the exchange of contemporary art between China and the West.

Su and Le Brun met for the first time in Beijing in January 2020 following careers working simultaneously in the UK and in China for the past forty years. Through their unexpected encounter via the shared medium of printmaking, they have come together in the artistic dialogue presented in this exhibition. For Su, printmaking refers to the physical empirical world, while for Le Brun, making prints is a way of finding methods and structures to convey his abstract visual thinking. This difference, reflected in the means of artistic practice, is not only a difference in aesthetic orientation, but more importantly, it clearly reflects aspects of their individual contribution to a modern narrative. This exhibition is the first for both artists in Shenzhen, and features more than 40 prints, oil paintings and videos, created over the course of the artists' careers.

Dual presentation of works by Christopher Le Brun and Su Xinping opens at MoCAUP, Shenzhen
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