Lisson Gallery

Christopher Le Brun interviewed for 'Icon' on CGTN

16 April 2020

On the occasion of his exhibition 'Diptychs' at Lisson Gallery in Shanghai (6 November 2019 – 28 March 2020), Christopher Le Brun was interviewed at the gallery by Ji Xiaojun for CGTN's 'Icons' TV segment. They discuss Le Brun's recent practice which, over the past two years, has focused on a series of two-part, oil on canvas abstractions. These newly completed pairs of paintings respond to the act of seeing, as much as to the artist's own actions as a painter. 
The twinned canvases – often separated by a tonal break, with one light and one dark canvas – mimic the processes of perception, thought and memory in the beholder.

Speaking about the significance of the diptych, Le Brun tells Ji: "I'm interested in the possibility of having different thoughts at the same time... There are aspects of modern life where we learn to live very complicated lives. It's a typical experience of modernernity that we live with contradictions... Painting is a very beautiful medium for thinking, for remembering."

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