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Christian Jankowski's solo exhibition 'Sender and Receiver' at Fluentum, Berlin

19 October 2020

Until 12 December 2020, Fluentum Berlin presents a selection of new and previous works by Christian Jankowski tracing his long-time engagement with processes of transmission. A timely reappraisal of some rarely shown work alongside that born out of our current moment, for which it seems systems of communication have become more important than ever, the exhibition 'Sender and Receiver' takes a foundational concept of communication theory and probes the precarious threshold between the sent and the received. With as much emphasis on process as end product, Jankowski’s interventions are marked by uncertain outcomes and surprising effects. The themes that run through Sender and Receiver speak to a liminality that underscores the artist’s far-reaching practice, often occupying a space between the increasingly entwined spheres of art and media.

Featuring renowned works like Cleaning up the Studio (2010) and Blutsbrüder (1999), and the more recent Global Membership series, the show premieres Jankowski's new video Sender and Receiver which will also be shown at the Bangkok Biennial for its 2nd edition, Escape Routes, in autumn 2020.

Find further information here.

Photo by Eike Walkenhurst.

Christian Jankowski's solo exhibition 'Sender and Receiver' at Fluentum, Berlin
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