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Carmen Herrera featured in major abstraction exhibition at The Met Fifth Avenue

13 June 2018

Opening 17 December at The Met Fifth Avenue, Epic Abstraction: Pollock to Herrera begins in the 1940s and extends into the 21st century to explore large-scale abstract painting, sculpture, and assemblage through more than 40 works from The Met collection, a selection of loans, and never-before-seen promised gifts and new acquisitions. Enhanced in the setting of Marcel Breuer’s 1966 modernist architectural masterpiece, icons of Abstract Expressionism, such as Jackson Pollock’s classic “drip” painting No. 28, 1950 (1950) will be shown in conversation with hard edge, minimalist painting by Carmen Herrera.

Many of the artists to be represented in the exhibition worked in large formats not only to explore aesthetic elements of line, color, shape, and texture, but also to activate scale's metaphoric potential to evoke expansive—"epic"—ideas and subjects, including time, history, nature, and existential concerns of the self. In varied ways, Epic Abstraction will suggest the long and rich legacy of Abstract Expressionism, an unavoidable touchstone for much of the art that followed.

More information about the exhibition can be found on the museum's website.
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