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Carmen Herrera becomes National Academy of Design Academician

10 November 2020

Continuing a tradition directly linked to the National Academy of Design's founding in 1825, the NAD this year inducted fifteen new National Academicians at a virtual ceremony on 28 October. Each year, current National Academicians nominate, vote on, and elect the artists and architects to be inducted. Carmen Herrera is one of the incoming 2020 National Academicians, who present work in the NAD's exhibitions, participate in programs, and foster the next generation of creative thinkers through individual and collective initiatives.

A master of crisp lines and contrasting chromatic planes, Herrera creates an infinite variety of movement, rhythm and spatial tension across the canvas with the most unobtrusive application of paint. “My quest”, she says, “is for the simplest of pictorial resolutions”.

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Carmen Herrera becomes National Academy of Design Academician
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