Lisson Gallery

Amastan Paris presents a pop-up installation of new work by Joyce Pensato during FIAC 2017

27 September 2017

For one week only, to coincide with FIAC 2017, Lisson Gallery will present a pop-up installation of new work by Joyce Pensato at Amastan Paris, a boutique hotel located nearby Grand Palais. A continuation of Pensato’s exhibition at Lisson Gallery London earlier this year, 'No-Drama Mama' will feature one large-scale painting and four works on paper.

Joyce Pensato paints exuberant likenesses of cartoon characters and comic-book heroes, from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to Batman and Homer Simpson, rendered in explosive drips and expressive marks. Her seemingly frenzied painting technique – actually involving the deliberate accretion of successive layers of bold linear gestures, rapid repainting and frequent erasures – results in alternately humorous and sinister imagery.
The works on display at Amastan mark important new developments in Pensato’s practice in terms of movement, colour and scale. Painting almost exclusively in shop-bought black and white enamel over the past four decades, these works demonstrate occasional leaps from her monochromatic world, incorporating bold strokes of silver paint and delicately coloured charcoals, as well as a sense of motion and movement illustrated through a quick succession of marks and unbroken lines. More work by Pensato will be exhibited by Lisson Gallery at FIAC (Booth B40).
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