Lisson Gallery

Lawrence Weiner: BE THAT AS IT MAY

London, 28 November 2012 – 12 January 2013

Lawrence Weiner: BE THAT AS IT MAY

Lisson Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of new works by seminal American artist, Lawrence Weiner. Widely recognised for his pioneering role in the development of conceptualism in the 1960s, Weiner has spent the last five decades deconstructing artistic practices into various concepts of language and idea.

In his new show, Weiner focuses on the concept of truncation, a mathematical term referring to the discarding of unnecessary digits, as an inherent meaning and material reality. His works will populate the gallery walls on a grand and small scale, and will include a new piece occupying the entirety of a 12 metre wall. In the upper space of 52-54 Bell Street are two facing works which reverberate off one another: PUSHED AS IF & LEFT AS IS and STASIS AS TO VECTOR (ALL) IN DUE COURSE (both works 2012).

Weiner is primarily a sculptor working with language. His artistic process sees him work with various sculptural materials, translating the experience into text. The resulting texts are often ambiguous and open to interpretation, leaving space for multiple iterations of the same piece. 

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52 Bell Street

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Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
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