Lisson Gallery

Jonathan Monk

London, 24 October – 21 November 1998

Jonathan Monk

From installation to painting, performance to photography, the work of Jonathan Monk does not conform to one instantly recognisable visual style. Personal memories and anecdotal references to art history form a network of cross references which challenge the notions of genius and purity in modern art. The diversity of allusion playfully demystifies the creative process and suggests alternative models for how art and the role of the artist can be interpreted. When drawing upon episodes in the history of modern art, Monk comments upon the myths of innovation and originality and undermines the idea of artistic authority. In the None of the buildings on Sunset Strip we see the artist reenacting Ed Ruscha’s walk down that street in 36 photographs. Monk subverts the journey, turning his attention to side roads, and makes a humorous comment upon the self referential imagination of modern art. Monk disputes the concept of artistic genius by placing fine art in the context of the ordinary.

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installation view  artwork
installation view  artwork

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