Lisson Gallery

James Casebere

London, 12 November – 20 December 2003

James Casebere

“Casebere allows us to fill the empty space of his spatial stage which produces the effect of a primordially experienced landscape, at once close enough to be touched and distant enough for reflection.” Anthony Vidler

Opening on 12th November 2003, Lisson Gallery is pleased to present its fourth solo exhibition of work by American artist James Casebere.

Paradoxically emotional and austere, Casebere’s work centres on the point where photography, architecture and sculpture intersect. Carefully constructing table-top models of interior spaces using plaster, Styrofoam and cardboard, he dramatically lights these miniature interiors or “sites” before photographing them and enlarging the prints using high spec Cibachrome—a process usually associated with lush, glossy colour photography. The results are both surreal and remarkably realistic. Each model is specifically constructed to be seen through the lens of a camera and takes advantage of photography’s ability to flatten space and capture lighting effects invisible to the eye. Though devoid of either plot or characters, his images of architectonic constructed spaces are nevertheless cinematic and poetic, at times implying a mute melancholic loneliness.

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52 Bell Street

Opening Times:
Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

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