Lisson Gallery

Haroon Mirza: For A Dyson Sphere

New York, 14 January – 12 February 2022

Haroon Mirza: For A Dyson Sphere

“There are so many contradictions to the technological pursuit of sustainable energy. The irony of the Dyson Sphere is that if we want to advance as a civilization to the point where we could truly harness the power of the sun, we would end up blocking out our own natural light and heat, consuming much of our natural resources and have to start colonizing other planets in the process.”

Haroon Mirza is known for creating self-powering and autonomous works of art, employing electrical signals, sound, photovoltaic panels and complex circuitry or systems of exchange that result in dynamic, audio-visual events. For his latest major project, Dyson Sphere, which will premiere in UTOPIA, the 6th edition of lille3000, Mirza experiments with the notion that humans might one day be able to encompass a star with a swarm of electric panels in order to exploit and gather its enormous reserves of solar power. In his exhibition at Lisson New York, For a Dyson Sphere, an iteration of this hypothesis, Mirza researches concepts of sustainability, viability and ecology at its core, for the survival of the human race. The London-based artist’s second solo exhibition in New York features a proposal to surround our sun with an orbital, energy-capture device that first appeared in a little-known British science fiction novel by Olaf Stapledon in 1937, entitled Starmaker. The proposition was popularized and given its name by English-American physicist Freeman Dyson in 1960.

Haroon Mirza’s earthbound version of this hypothetical megastructure inhabits Lisson Gallery New York, centred on a blindingly brilliant tungsten light, encased within a carapace of photovoltaic panels. With each rotation of the bright bulbs, Mirza is giving light to this new technological dawn and through a series of cables the wattage produced flows around the space, powering a symphonic ecosystem created by the artist.

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Installation views

Haroon Mirza: For A Dyson Sphere artwork
Haroon Mirza: For A Dyson Sphere artwork
Haroon Mirza: For A Dyson Sphere artwork
Haroon Mirza: For A Dyson Sphere artwork
Haroon Mirza: For A Dyson Sphere artwork

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508 West 24th Street
New York

Opening Times:
Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00am – 6:00pm

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