Lisson Gallery

God is Great: Douglas Gordon, Anish Kapoor, John Latham. Curated by David Thorp

10 June – 9 September 2005

God is Great: Douglas Gordon,
Anish Kapoor, John Latham. Curated by David Thorp

The concept and title for the exhibition ‘God is Great’ evolves from two seminal works by artist John Latham: The mysterious being known as God, 1981/2005, and the series God is Great, 1990-2005, now part of the Tate collection.

Contemporary scepticism concerning religion and the continuous discoveries of science have made us increasingly more curious about the fundamental essence of creation. The recent tumultuous religious and political developments centred in and around the Middle East give us reason now to focus on the work of three generations of important British artists, who all concern themselves with the ‘cosmopoetic’ notions and varying interpretations of “God”.

John Latham, Anish Kapoor and Douglas Gordon, each employing distinctly different forms of artistic expressions, explore both the origin of creation and the universe we inhabit, as well as our ever-increasing need for community and belief systems as we seek pathways through spiritual confusion. By positioning these three artists within the context of this essential, yet intangible and problematic subject, ‘God is Great’ begins to explore the way in which artistic enlightenment may persuasively offer another method of considering what is an inherently mysterious, emotional, often inflammatory subject.

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