Lisson Gallery

Christian Jankowski: Bravo Jankowski!

17 September – 1 November 2003

Christian Jankowski: Bravo Jankowski!

“Christian Jankowski is an infiltrator: he imposes himself into various societal structures and systems (particularly media), making cunning artworks that, in turn infiltrate the artworld. A deceptive appropriator, Jankowski’s art doesn’t really look like art. Although he is aptly described as a conceptual artist, his reliance on culturally based subjects and motifs also link him with Pop Art and later Pop-inspired tendencies.”

- Dean Sobel

Jankowski’s work is a performance which engages often unsuspecting collaborators to innocently collude with him, making them ‘co-authors’ of the final result which is often a surprise, even to the artist himself. The collaborative nature of Jankowski’s practice is paramount, as each participant unwittingly contributes his or her own texture, culminating in a layered psychological journey that one suspects is as curious to the artist as to the viewer.

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