Lisson Gallery

In 2011, Lisson Gallery opened a new gallery space on via Zenale, Milan, Italy. The idea of expanding the gallery onto the European continent was to provide artists another platform to expand their reach and promote the gallery's international status. Six years of gallery programming hosted exhibitions by Anish Kapoor, Spencer Finch, Carmen Herrera, Julian Opie, Jason Martin and Florian Pumhösl.

This photograph offers a view of Casa degli Atellani and the vineyard of Leonardo da Vinci, which shared its garden with the gallery. In 2015, after a decade of research and nearly 500 years after Leonardo’s death, the Renaissance master’s original vineyard has been recreated using the exact type of vine grown in the 1500s at the bottom of Casa degli Attelani’s garden. Ryan Gander‘s work, Everything is learned, iii, 2010, is installed on the right. The Milan space closed in 2017.

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