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Lee Ufan in the Rijksmuseum Gardens

Lee Ufan in the Rijksmuseum Gardens

Lee Ufan talks through his 'Relatum' series in the Rijksmuseum Gardens, the setting for his first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. The stone and metal sculptures will engage in a visual dialogue with the surrounding nature and the museum's architecture. Ufan has recreated several of his key works especially for this Rijksmuseum exhibition, which juxtaposes recent and older works in the new context of the gardens.

Seven sculptures will be displayed in the gardens that surround the Rijksmuseum, and two will be installed at special locations inside the museum. These minimalist works are outcomes of Lee Ufan’s explorations into what he calls ‘the Art of Encounter'. They are invitations to contemplate, to find a moment of quiet and calm on the museum square.

Lee Ufan in the Rijksmuseum Gardens runs from 28 May – 27 October 2024.

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