Lisson Gallery

In the studio with Masaomi Yasunaga

In the studio with Masaomi Yasunaga

"First and foremost, the element of fire is absolutely essential in my process of creation. While fire has equipped humans with significant capabilities, that prompted evolution, it is also terrifying that its sheer intensity could just be as catastrophic, burning everything down to ashes. A couple of years ago, I had the terrifying experience of being trapped in walls of fire in my mountain studio and nearly causing a bush fire.

"I’m still questioning how to understand and control fire in my process of creation. I consider fire as a filter and a klin as a time machine. When my grandmother passed away, I created a series of white porcelain vessels using her ashes mixed with glaze. Filtering her ashes through fire was perhaps an act of crystalizing my thoughts and memories of her. When sculpting, I have a premeditated form in mind, yet my intention, or even ego, vanishes in the fire, filtering out all impurities. Hence, what’s left is beauty that is essential."

'Masaomi Yasunaga: Clouds in the Distance' opens at Lisson Gallery in London on 15 November 2023.

Film credits:
Director: Takahiro Aoki
Director of Photography, Edit: Shinya Kitamura
Production Manager: Mizuki Kariwa
Editor, Subtitles: Naoki Kotaka, Atsushi Hamanaka
Thanks: Marie Sasago, Ayaka Hatakoshi, Yasushi Amano

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