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Spring in New York, limited edition facsimile sketchbook Spring in New York, limited edition facsimile sketchbook Spring in New York, limited edition facsimile sketchbook

Liu Xiaodong

Spring in New York, limited edition facsimile sketchbook



“We are the lucky beneficiaries of a vision at once candid and sophisticated, open and sincere, witty and compassionate – an unlikely combination in this dark, nerve-fraying, and isolating period in history.” – John Yau, Hyperallergic

To commemorate Liu Xiaodong’s highly regarded pandemic project Spring in New York, Lisson Gallery has created an exact replica of the sketchbook he made during four months of lockdown, prior to a sell-out online exhibition in 2020. Liu, the usually itinerant Chinese painter, was locked down in New York City for almost six months in 2020, unable to travel back to his home in Beijing. From a small New York apartment, the artist made a startling series of watercolours documenting the changing landscape of the city through both COVID-19 restrictions and the Black Lives Matters protests. 

Specially printed and bound to match Liu’s treasured collection of watercolours, this signed edition is the only means of comprehending this body of work in its original form and to the artist’s exacting specifications. If you wish to purchase this special, editioned version of the sketchbook, please register your interest through this email address:

“I pass by fashion shops and there are no people, just some wooden mannequins in the shop windows.  I walk up to 14th Street, the Apple Store is empty. Even the old cow on that steakhouse signboard looks lonely up there by himself. It’s sad, I don’t want to walk forward.” – Liu Xiaodong’s diary 16th April 2020

Spring in New York, 2020
Wiro-bound hardback facsimile. Giclée printing.
33.5 x 25 cm
13 1/8 x 9 3/4 in
Edition of 60 + 6 APs





“沿途时尚店,无人,几个木偶模特在橱窗里。走到14街,苹果店空空的。那家头顶着一头老牛的牛排馆也在风中傻呆着,伤感,不想往前走了。” ——刘小东,2020年4月16日

33.5 x 25 厘米
13 1/8 x 9 3/4 英寸
限量60版 + 6版艺术家自留

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